Upload with MiniPro?

I have a handful of AT89S52 chips here, and a TL866 II-Plus programmer. Is there a way to create a custom “board” that is just the microcontroller itself and set MiniPro as the upload protocol?

I don’t see that chip being supported in PlatformIO Registry directly. If it’s a generic Intel 8051 variant you might have luck basing a new board off https://github.com/platformio/platform-intel_mcs51/blob/develop/boards/stc89c52rc.json as base, using sdcc as the compiler (docs). You would however also need to teach the platform the new upload program (idk what you use for uploading) via a custom upload protocol, as there’s only stcgal support (docs) .

So the good news is, I am about 40% of the way there. Not knowing what I am doing is a slight hinderance, but hacking up some MiniPro support will probably be quite advantageous. I will attempt tp submit what I create when I am done.