Upload to nucleo F091RC fails 2 of each 3 times


I beginning to do something with the NucleoF091RC board I have in my desk for a while now, before I was programming the F401RE without any problems, but this one don’t want to work all the time, every time I upload a new version I need to do it 3 times at least some times it says success but it’s a lie, some times his answer is:
2017-08-21T22:07:40 INFO src/stlink-common.c: Starting Flash write for VL/F0/F3 core id
2017-08-21T22:07:40 INFO src/stlink-common.c: Successfully loaded flash loader in sram
2017-08-21T22:07:44 ERROR src/stlink-common.c: flash loader run error
2017-08-21T22:07:44 ERROR src/stlink-common.c: run_flash_loader(0x8000000) failed! == -1
*** [upload] Error 255
Flash page at addr: 0x08017000 erased
stlink_fwrite_flash() == -1

========================== [ERROR] Took 8.47 seconds ==========================
and some times it works. I’m using stlink protocol in platformio.ini.
Any ideas?

Please file an issue here