Upload to nodemcuv2 stopped working

I am using platformIO on windows with Atom.
This is the problem that I can’t figure out myself that I’ve had. Suddenly the upload option no longer works.
Looking for upload port/disk…
Auto-detected: COM3
“C:\Users\Ken.platformio\packages\tool-esptool\esptool” -vv -cd nodemcu -cb 115200 -cp “COM3” -cf .pioenvs\nodemcuv2\firmware.bin
esptool v0.4.9 - (c) 2014 Ch. Klippel ck@atelier-klippel.de
setting board to nodemcu
setting baudrate from 115200 to 115200
setting port from COM1 to COM3
error: Failed to open COM3
error: espcomm_open failed
error: espcomm_upload_mem failed
scons: *** [upload] Error -1

Now, from the terminal shell I can issue the esptool command by hand and it starts the upload so I can still upload my changes, but I sure wish the upload from the ide still worked. I don’t have a problem using com3 to talk to Serial. Anybody have an idea of what I am doing wrong?

Hi @rastafas!
Your problem may be related to the recent esptool-ck update (v0.4.9). Could you please try to roll back to the v0.4.8 version from this archive? Just unpack it to C:\Users\Ken\.platformio\packages\tool-esptool.

Hi @valeros

I rolled back to v0.4.8 and the same thing happens. I know I rolled back ok, because when I manually ran esptool, the update “dots” are just a long stream and no longer report a percent done periodically. I think there is some strangeness going on with the usb to serial adapter. If I close Atom with device still connected to usb, and try to restart Atom it won’t finish loading until I unplug the device. I don’t remember that behavior before yesteray. This just started happening. Oh well, like I said I can still use esptool manually to load.

  1. Please use the latest esptool
  2. Could you try to load firmware manually using PlatformIO IDE Terminal?


hi @ivankravets

I restored latest esptool, menu:upload still fails.

I can upload using esptool from terminal. I guess I can just make a script file for each project to upload, but I liked using the keyboard shortcut or the menu. I’m really stumped why uploading from the menu stopped working.

Which command do you use for upload? Are you sure that it is PlatformIO’s esptool?

hi @ivankravets

Yes, I am sure it is PlatformIO’s esptool. This works from terminal to upload my code:

C:\Users\Ken.platformio\packages\tool-esptool\esptool -vv -cd nodemcu -cb 115200 -cp “COM3” -cf .pioenvs\nodemcuv2\firmware.bin

I copied this command from the window of the failed upload started from the menu. The only change I made was to remove the quotes around the path to the esptool command.

Hi @rastafas,

I’ve just PMed you. Thanks.