Upload solution for AVR4809 unavailable?

Hi, I currently have no programming solution for AVR4809 in Platformio. Pymcuprog no longer seems to work as per my previous post here. Also Jtag2UPDI seems to upload code to an incorrect address as per issue logged.

Any thoughts on how I can continue in PIO much appreciated.

Does uploading work in the Arduino IDE? Upload flags and program could be matched to PlatformIO then.

in arduino IDE, I use a Arduino UNO configured as a jtag2updi programmer, which as we know does not work with PIO currently because the code is uploaded to the incorrect address.

If there’s anything esle that works as an UPDI programmer in Arduino IDE that I can transfer settings to PIO, I’m happy to try.

thanks for help.

Can you give me exact reproduction steps on how you configure the Arduino IDE (core, version, Tools settings, upload settings) so I can see how the core builds the firmware and upload it? What current platformio.ini are you using?

PIO version is 6.1.7

arduino ide version 1.8.13
using megacorex 1.1.2
Tools menu settings:
board atmega4809
clock 16 MHz
bod 2.6v
eeprom retained
pinout 40 pin std
reset pin reset
bootloader no bootloader
port COM24 (Arduino Uno)
programmer jtag2updi

the above settings successfully upload blinkLed code to my 4809

Please let me know if you need anything else.

thanks for help.

just guessing there’s no solution?..