Upload/monitor port selection

I am using Platformio on a Mac running Monterey 12.5.1, primarily to program esp32 devkit boards.
So far I have always checked manually the actual name with which the devkit USB interface becomes visible, and then I have entered manually the name in the relevant platformio.ini file.
Unfortunately the very same devkit board may appear with different names at different times, which forces me to manually check and change the .ini file every time.
Moreover, if I have more than one devkit board simultaneously connected to my Mac, I need to check which is which and then edit carefully the respective .ini files.

If I don’t specify a specific board in the .ini file and compile and upload some code, Platformio will then just use one devkit board (randomly?) and upload the code there - maybe sadly selecting the wrong board and overwriting good code elsewhere.
Is there a way to make Platformio “ask” for which board to use, before uploading (or which one to use for monitor output)?

Not by default. If no upload_port is given, it will try to be autodetected and used, if none is found, uploading fails. If you give an upload_port it will try and use that. There’s no built-in “ask user” behavior / UI.

Issues for the VSCode integration can be filed in Issues · platformio/platformio-vscode-ide · GitHub.

Ok, clear.
Thanks for the very fast answer!
Best regards