Upload littlefs.bin to ESP8266 boards

To distribute my code to others I use NodeMCU-PyFlasher.exe on their Windows computers and upload my distributed firmware.bin to their boards with it.
This works. However, how do I distribute littlefs.bin? NodeMCU-PyFlasher only writes to offset 0, not to the offset where the filesystem starts.
Is there a similar (simple) tool for this without having to install VSCode and Platform.io?
A command line tool is perfectly acceptable if it does not require a python install.

I think you can just merge <firmware.bin> <filler space> <littefs.bin> so that you have a single binary to flash. The number of filler bytes as the space between firmware end and LitteFS starting address can be read from the size of fimrware.bin and the partition table (LittleFS partition address).

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Clever solution. I will consider that! In fact I will start writing C++ code to accomplish this!
Thank you!

NodeMCU-PyFlasher.exe did not manage to put a complete image with both program and filesystem on the board but ESPTool.py did. Converting the .py to an .exe and there’s no dependencies! :slight_smile:
Will post the compete project to GitHub shortly.

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