Upload different sketches independently

Hi, I have started an Arduino project PlatformIO honestly only because I’ve wanted vscode’s autocompletion, though after playing around a bit with the way it manages libraries I can see the appeal of it. Anyway, when I code an Arduino project I like to make multiple sketches to try different things before integrating everything into one project. I couldn’t figure a way to upload a specific file without the other files interfere, is there any way I can specify which file to upload?

Technically you can use a src_filter expression to exclude files from the build which you don’t want if you have multiple .ino or .cpp files in the src/ folder.

You can also set it up that way that you use the Import Arduino Project button in PIO Home to quickly create a new project based on a single .ino file. Take care to use the project environment switcher to select the right project and environment then.

Thanks! I’m using src_filter now and even though it isn’t ideal its still miles better then any other way I’ve programmed Arduinos