Upgrading individual platform packages?


I wonder is it possible to upgrade individual platform packages? I’m developing some firmware on an ATTiny1616. That MCU is supported by the atmelmegaavr platform and the framework-arduino-megaavr-megatinycore package within. The megatinycore package on both stable and upstream is quite old, and I would like to replace it with the current git head (or at least 2.6.4). Is this possible using platformio.ini? So far, my only success has been by manually replacing the contents of the package directory, but that’s not a solution I could recommend to anyone else wishing to modify the firmware…

Slava Ukraini!

platform_packages should work just fine for this.

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Whoa, how didn’t I notice that? Works fine, thanks! (Other than that the megaTinyCore repo isn’t laid out like a proper PlatformIO package, but that’s a different story.)

Any tips on this? I tried to add it, but getting errors

platform_packages = framework-arduino-megaavr-megatinycore @ https://github.com/SpenceKonde/megaTinyCore/
MissingPackageManifestError: Could not find one of 'package.json' manifest files in the package

You need to fork the repo and put a package.json in the megaavr folder (the root of the actual Arduino core). Its content can e.g. be seen from the current version, in which you should at least update the version field.