UPDI Debugging AVR128Dx with platformio

Hi there,

I am attempting to utilize my AVR128DB48 outside of Microchip Studio, and have managed to upload my code to the AVR using platformio and avrdude. However, I have discovered that debugging is currently unsupported by platformio, as stated in the following link: AVR128DA48 — PlatformIO latest documentation.

Can anyone suggest a solution or workaround for this issue?

What debugging adapter did you use in Microchip studio? Like an Atmel-ICE?

Im using the Curiosity Nano Debugger in both cases.

Hm. So basically the situation around debugging AVR is bad, because we can’t use the proprietary Microchip Studio tools to open a GDB server (they work on different protocols and principles) and Microchip has exactly 0 interest in creating open-source tools by themselves that we would need

OpenSource tools are “there” but are either incomplete or hacky. For example, there’s


The first one does expand the original avarice to work with UPDI but doesn’t support your chip.

The second claims it supports the chip but there’s an open issue about the Curiosity Nano debugger

You can try to download and execute the pyAVRdbg script yourself and see if you get a different result, but I’d doubt it.

The other route would be to run a AVR-GDB stub on the target itself so that the GDB client can communicate with the target via e.g. serial.

is a project in that style, but I don’t think it supports your chip.