Updating JLink version


I recently worked through a problem on my project which turned out to be caused by a bug in an old version of JLinkGDBServer. PlatformIO seems to install version 6.52 (2019-09-27) The relevant bug was fixed in version V6.62 (2020-01-24). The lastest version is Version V6.88b (2020-11-27).

I ‘manually updated’ my installation by copying a few files across from a standalone installation of Segger tools, but I thought there should be a better way!

Is there any way to get Platform IO to update the version of Jlink?

It seems to be updated by Segger pretty frequently, so auto updating within Platform IO would seem worthwhile.



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Does the latest version from the registry work for you?

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Yes, pio update seems to have updated to the new version of JLink.

Thank you!