Updating Framework Packages in Platformio 3.1

Hi there!
I am trying to use the Atmel SAM framework to upload to an Arduino Due. However, the included on in Pio is not the most up to date one (they are using the toolchain-gccarmnoneeabi package 4.8.4, although the most recent is 5.4q3). When I try to update the package it throws a lot of errors saying that various files do not exist (although they are in the package).
From inside Pio I run “pio platform install /path/to/tarball.” It gives me an error saying: Could not find ‘platform.json’ manifest file in the package

I want this package to replace the current toolchain, is there no way to override it? When I try to replace it manually, it simply re-downloads the package and uses that instead.

Thank you in advance.

You can update toolchain manually but please keep package.json from previous version in the root.

Thanks for your reply! What file must I modify in my Pio project to point to the new package? It seems to be referenced in multiple places.

See docs where PIO keeps packages Redirecting...