Updated libraries for ArduinoCore-mbed

There is a newer ArduinoCore-mbed available, 4.0.10. This is included in STSTM32 platform 17.10.0, actually the core is Version 4.0.6. So its depending on a newer release of the STMSTM32 platform Is is possible to upgrade just this core component? I have tried by using the Advanced Installation, but it complains about a missing package.json in this repo. Is it a problem of this repo or is pio requiring this package.json? The Arduino IDE offers the newer core package without this package.json.

The package.json is added by the PlatformIO team, along with possibly other library.json files for various libraries to get them to compile properly in PlatformIO. Also, the repo is missing the “ArduinoCore-API” folder in its core folder, this is something that the Arduino team does in “post” before publish. So for those reasons, you can’t directly point it at https://github.com/arduino/ArduinoCore-mbed.

Assuming that the ArduinoCore-API folder and needed library.json files has not changed between 4.0.6 and 4.10.0, the following procedure could work:

  1. Download the 4.0.6 PlatformIO package, e.g. from https://dl.registry.platformio.org/download/platformio/tool/framework-arduino-mbed/4.0.6/framework-arduino-mbed-4.0.6.tar.gz and extract it somewhere
  2. Download the 4.10.0 release from https://github.com/arduino/ArduinoCore-mbed/archive/refs/tags/4.0.10.zip and copy all these files into the extracted 4.0.6, overwriting all previous files if needed. (This should leave the library.json and package.json of 4.0.6 intact).
  3. Change the version field in the package.json to something that indicated 4.10.0.
  4. Point to the new package in your platformio.ini by doing platform_packages = framework-arduino-mbed@symlink://<path here>.
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thanks for your explanations, its very useful. For now I will wait for the next update, but in case it is really necessary, I know what to do.