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Update to ESP8266 RTOS SDK


PlatformIO has a very old version of the above SDK.

It is impossible to update it manually to what is on

This has been stable for a long time!

Why do they not provide a simple manual update option?


If the build system and file structure hasn’t changed you can update your local copy by going in your framework-esp8266-rtos-sdk folder (e.g. C:\Users\<user>\.platformio\packages\framework-esp8266-rtos-sdk) and update the files. However, the filestructure has changed so this won’t work. There’s already an issue for it:

PIO is basically at 1.4.x ( with the newest being 3.1.


So you are aware of this issue.

ESP8266 is so popular as an IOT device – I am surprised that it has not been updated.

I too thought I could manually update – but file structure has changed – new one is similar to ESP-IDF!


Please file a feature request here


try it


Thanks for the update!


I mam using Visual Studio Code. I managed to install the platform and it shows up in .platformio/platforms/custom8266

However the framework is not installed. Should this be done manually by creating a folder:

The new framework does not show up as an option. Thanks


sorry for delay

in platform.json framework mark “optional”: true
i.e. the framework will be set when first used
you need in platformio.ini set

and compile project/ framework will install