Update maybe broke PIO- no buttons

That’s artifact. I re-opened the folders.
Hitting the alien head, selecting Open gave me the PIO Home screen, but still no buttons.

I think my PIO has an F. I’m going to reinstall it from the website.

I uninstalled VSCode. Is there anytthing of PIO beyond the folder in Users?

I’m on Linux, so I’m not sure. Based on what I know, that’s probably all there is.


This is from the PlatformIO install inside VSCode:
[kit] Successfully loaded 0 kits from C:\Users\joema\AppData\Local\CMakeTools\cmake-tools-kits.json

That doesn’t look right.

Now this:
Bad CMake executable “”. Is it installed or settings contain the correct path (cmake.cmakePath)?

There is no upload button. There is no trash button. It says ‘No active kit.’
0 kits were installed. This installation is broken.

I’m told there are no compilers.

Can you tell us what steps you followed when reinstalling?

Also, what did you do when you were reorganising your system – the changes you made to bork it the first time?

Have you attempted to open an existing project and compile it? It should download the required frameworks and tools when you first do so. Installing PlatformIO into VSCode doesn’t do that for you as it has no idea which board(s) you will be using.

Failing that, make sure you have followed all the installation instructions I documented when I installed PlatformIO and VSCode on a Windows 10 installation. Trying to install Platformio into VSCode, but it can't find Python, even though it is onboard! - #6 by NormanDunbar


I uninstalled VSCode and deleted the PlatformIO and VSCode folders from /Users.

Then I just reinstalled VS with the .exe and added the extension in VSCode.

Last time I installed VSCode, it asked me if I wanted to also install a list of extensions like C++, Python, etc. That didn’t happen this time. I was prompted to add C++ in VSCode, but I think the messages indicated a failure.

I’ve piled up a lot of project folders, so I divided them into groups. Display, ESP Now, RF, etc. Now there is a list of folders under /Projects.

In VSCode, on the left, click the extensions Icon, (three boxes together with one apart) then at the top, drip down the drop down, and choose “Installed”. What list do you get?

At the very least, you should find the “C/C++ 1.1.0” extension from Microsoft, and “PlatformIO IDE 2.2.0” from PlatformIO.

If you have another C/C++ extension, you might need to delete it. If you have installed the Arduino extension for *.ino files, definitely delete it!

Interesting. I only got asked to install Python extensions when I opened a *.py file. I think, but I don’t remember correctly, that I might have had a number of “recommended” extensions to install – but I ignored that list and installed the ones I needed.

In VSCode, click Terminal->New Terminal and in the terminal that opens execute pio --version.


installed extensions:
Better C++ Syntax
C/C++ 1.1.0
C/C++ Extension Pack 1.0.0
C/C++ Themes 1.0
C++ Intellisense 0.2.2
CMake 0.0.17
CMake Tools 1.5.1
Doxygen Documentation Generator 1.1.0
GitHub Pull Requests and Issues 0.21.0
Live Share
Live Share Audio
Remote- Containers
Remote- SSH
Remote- SSH: Editing Configuration Files
Remote- WSL
Visual Studio Codespaces

I have Python 3.8, already installed.

“No kit selected” seems like a problem.

0 kits were installed.

Try disabling or uninstalling these:

Better C++ Syntax
C/C++ Extension Pack 1.0.0
C/C++ Themes 1.0

But not this one:

C/C++ 1.1.0

Too many C++ extensions spoil the broth.


Buttons are back. I’m never going to know what happened, so I’m just going to hope to forget about it.

Nice. But mysterious. I don’t like mysterious!

But now it’s making me choose a compiler for every build.

It didn’t for the first one, but it won’t just build anything now.

So it still isn’t working.
I built a MAC address program, cleaned it and uploaded it, and now kerplooey.

Gotta say, this hobby is frustrating. I spend most of the time figuring out why it stopped working and getting back to square one.

This is what I get when I click the ‘no kits’ message:

Good news. It’s not PlatformIO, it’s cmake. This might help: How to re-scan cmake kits? · Issue #652 · microsoft/vscode-cmake-tools · GitHub.

You seem to have to rescan for installed kits for cmake to use.