Unknown Marlin compilation error

Hello friends
Currently I am developing from this Code platform

It is developed against Teensy ++2.0 and I was developing it to Teensy3.6 when I got errors like this. Can anyone help me with all these errors?
My coding skills are limited, thank you very much
Here is my code

The first red line in your screenshot is a huge clue. It’s an error message from the C++ precompiler and around line 218 in the filename mentioned, there will be a check for certain microcontrollers.

Something like #ifdef or similar, starting with a hash/pound/number symbol. They’d telling me that whatever your microcontroller is specified as, isn’t compatible with the source code.

Have a look at the file and copy the code that you find there please. Paste it as text, not a screenshot, between three backticks.

Your code here...

I’d do this myself, but I’m away from home right now, typing on my phone. :frowning:


I’m not sure where to start debugging this. I hope you can help me
Thanks a lot

See my previous reply.


You have to do some porting effort here, Teensy 3.6 is ARM based and Teensy ++2 is AVR based. The libraries in that project, e.g. SD library and MarlinSerial etc files all rely the target being an AVR chip.

Of course there’s a card library for the Teensy 3.6 and the Teensy core also has a Serial implementation (hence why I have 0 understanding for why the author chose to implement a MarlinSerial that basically is the Serial), but for you to exchange the necessary pieces of code, a good understanding of coding is required. I fear with

you’re not getting very far.

Hence why I’d suggest a change of plans: The official Marlin fimware already properly supports the Teensy 3.6.

So why not use the official firmware instead of a 9 year old, abandoned fork?

Thank you for your feedback
The reason I want to use the old version of Marlin is because I want to control Galvo
if i use the new version of Marlin 2.0 then the problem is to do a lot of moving it and really my ability to interfere with my code is limited because i can’t understand well what Marlin 2x is doing
So I want to base it on the code because I think it’s simpler than Marlin 2x

Maybe if you ask on their discord server someone can help you create a configuration.

I also asked them but the problem is they really don’t have time to migrate all their functions and files and library system