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Unit Testing with PlatformIO: Part 3. Continuous Integration and Remote Testing

In recent years Continuous Integration (CI) has become a standard for software development and embedded projects are no exception. Continuous integration allows developers to build an application and run tests in an automated way. Whenever new changes are committed to the repository, the CI system executes predefined tasks to make sure that the project works as expected and no regression was introduced.

This is the final part of a 3-part blog series where we set up a testing environment for embedded development. In the third part we will configure Github Actions for running tests on a remote target via PlatformIO Remote Development Solution Read more :point_right:


I’m a bit confused about this one…
The embedded test does not say anything about where the embedded device is connected? Is the remote embedded device emulated or do you have a local Github runner with the device connected to it?

It’s a real target connected to a machine where PlatformIO Remote Agent is run.