Unit test output displays passed even if there are failing tests


Why is platformio output displaying PASSED when all the tests are failing?
Please see screenshot below

Can you show the platformio.ini and reference code? Also it seems that the test outputt is cut-off (sts 2 Failures) so maybe PlatformIO makes a parsing error here?

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I solved it. The problem was that my SamD21 board needs a delay after uploading for platormio unit tests to be monitored.
I am using a Prodino MKR GSM, but I assume this will apply to most SAMD21 boards.
The >2000ms delay mentioned in the docs is not enough. I am experiencing with my board I need a delay of 5000ms on setup(), and an extra script that delays for 5000ms after uploading.

This is mentioned in this post:

It would be great if the documentation could be updated to reflect this, as it is not obvious to find out what is happening.