Unified Debugging -- "Unsupported" Cortex-M4 Possible?

I’m starting to look at ARM Cortex-M0+/M4 alternatives and am somewhat puzzled as to why, for example, the MAX32625PICO board is listed as “Debug: No” for platformio.

As the board has lands for the SWD signals both on the edge, as well as lands for a “standard” Cortex Debug Connector, I would think that connecting a Black Ice Magic debugger, especially as it “talks” GDB, would be possible.

What am I missing in my thinking on this?

What is it? Could you give a link? There is no free debug server for Maxim boards. pyOCD only supports MAX32600.

Forgive me, Black Magic debugger:


Reading Tips for Cortex M Target Implementors · blackmagic-debug/blackmagic Wiki · GitHub now as it doesn’t appear that there isn’t a target defined for any Maxim boards, as you indicated.

blackmagic]$ fgrep -r '_probe(target *t);' .
./src/target/target_internal.h:bool stm32f1_probe(target *t);
./src/target/target_internal.h:bool stm32f4_probe(target *t);
./src/target/target_internal.h:bool stm32h7_probe(target *t);
./src/target/target_internal.h:bool stm32l0_probe(target *t);
./src/target/target_internal.h:bool stm32l1_probe(target *t);
./src/target/target_internal.h:bool stm32l4_probe(target *t);
./src/target/target_internal.h:bool lmi_probe(target *t);
./src/target/target_internal.h:bool lpc11xx_probe(target *t);
./src/target/target_internal.h:bool lpc15xx_probe(target *t);
./src/target/target_internal.h:bool lpc17xx_probe(target *t);
./src/target/target_internal.h:bool lpc43xx_probe(target *t);
./src/target/target_internal.h:bool sam3x_probe(target *t);
./src/target/target_internal.h:bool sam4l_probe(target *t);
./src/target/target_internal.h:bool nrf51_probe(target *t);
./src/target/target_internal.h:bool samd_probe(target *t);
./src/target/target_internal.h:bool kinetis_probe(target *t);
./src/target/target_internal.h:bool efm32_probe(target *t);
./src/target/target_internal.h:bool msp432_probe(target *t);

Black Magic Probe does not support Maxim boards :frowning: