Unexpected Proxy acess / ProxyError

Hello PlatformIO Community,

I have a totally new PIO on vscode installation on Win10pro, Python 3.8.7, and a Tennsy3.6 board connected via USB to a desktop PC.
I have the “Teensy” platform v 4.12.0 installed. (Uninstall button available).

I am NOT (intentionally) trying to connect via a Proxi to the internet and have no Virus Scanner except theWin10 integrated stuff.
I have nothing entered in the “Http: Proxy” field and I am pretty sure that there are no
http_proxy nor https_proxy environment variables on my system. I have switched the
Http: Proxy Support to OFF or to override, and Http: Proxy Strict SSL to OFF.

Compilation works fine, but on any attempt to upload to Tennsy board via pio I get:

Tool Manager: Installing platformio/tool-teensy @ <2
Error: HTTPSConnectionPool(host=‘api.registry.ns1.platformio.org’, port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /v3/packages/platformio/tool/tool-teensy (Caused by ProxyError(‘Cannot connect to proxy.’, timeout(‘_ssl.c:1059: The handshake operation timed out’)))
The terminal process “C:\Users\tma.platformio\penv\Scripts\pio.exe ‘run’, ‘–target’, ‘upload’” terminated with exit code: 1.

I can upload the created *.hex file via the Teensy loader, but that would be a really pitty for your cool IDE …

Thank you very much for any hints !

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Can you access https://api.registry.ns1.platformio.org/ normally? Can you show the certificate chain as in Help: PIO Home stuck on "Loading", can't see any tools - #4 by maxgerhardt?

Hello Max, Thank you for your fast reply !
… much appreciated …

I can open this page: https://api.registry.ns1.platformio.org/ in Firefox or Edge, it shows:

In the certificate chain it looks like if some “VideoDownloader” would have inserterd itself into the chain.
Can this cause my problem ?

Thank you very much !

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Hello again, Max,

I managed to exclude the above site from being scanned by VideoDownloader, and now it looks much better now !!!

Thank you very much for the tip with the certificate tpath !!

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Does that fix the error when compiling, too? If yes, this program seems very intrusive. If that’s supposed to be a Firefox or whatever plugin it was able to manipulate the certificate chain for that site system-wide. I don’t approve of these certificate chain injections, security-wise o_o.

Hello Max,

Thank you for your reply, for your care and for your warning !!!

Indeed, that sorts everything, … except my poor C++ knowledge (_).

This “VideoDownloaderUltimate” is a sytemwide installed purchased app, that enables video download and suppresses annoying intro-advertisements w/o having to register in YT.
With similar names there seem to be some really harmfull programs as well, but in my case I can understand that it inserts itself into all web traffic to detect any contained video files and offer them for download. (( and so browsers coming futher down the road may see it as kind of a proxi)).
Why it manipulates the certificates, and if it hides unwanted features as well, I do not know.

After the disabling action above, PIO bravely downloaded once the official Tennsy loader, and since it works perfectly.

I have tried “pure” vscode yesterday, just as a option for learning C++ directly on the PC,
… since I do appreciate the brilliant and extensive work you have done on the PIO extension really 100 times more !!! … vscode “pure” does not even offer a compile button …

Thank you very much !!

  • have great times !!!