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undefinedError: Program/firmware is missed


I´m trying to use esp-prog with VSCode and PlatformIO to debug Marlin firmware and my board. I can debug simple Blink sketch with debugger so I know that there is not an issue with debuuger.

When I hit “Start debugging” I can see that firmware is build and I can see that in debug console, but that is all what is happening. I guess that I have some path wrong (if I get it right form here), but I can not figure out what path it is.

Many thanks for any help or hint.


I’ve never seen that error – PlatformIO is supposed to build the debug firmware itself and reference its path properly. And that file seems to be built just fine.

Is your project on some sort of network drive or one drive?

If the error still happens when you do pio upgrade --dev in the CLI and retry, please open an issue in Issues · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub.

Thanks for reply.

I tried different location in my (or even different) computer, so I do not think is related just to my computer.

I made upgrade to dev, but error is still there so I will make GH issue with steps how to reproduce my error.