Unable to upload code to ESP32-CAM using FTDI module

MacOS, VS Code with PIO extension
FT232RL FTDI board and ESP32-CAM

Upload fails. When I attempt to upload TX light flashes on FTDI but RX does not. Eventually I get this message:
A fatal error occurred: Failed to connect to ESP32: No serial data received.

Add’l info:
FTDI module is jumpered to 3.3V.
I looped RX and TX on FTDI module and got echo of what I type. So module seems to be working.
ESP32-CAM with the same code works using ESM32-CAM-MB.

Any suggestions for further troubleshooting?

Found the problem. I had connected GND/RST on ESP32 to GND on FTDI. GND/RST is not same as GND.