Unable to upload code to arduino nano

I’m on a MAC version 10.0.4 and worked with the Arduino IDE. I moved to much better PlatformIO and move a project too. The project compiles fine but I have problems to upload code to my Arduino Nano new bootloader.
Upload on Arduino IDE works fine
If I try to upload with PlatformIO I’m ask to select one of my 3 existing ports. If I select the same port I use with Arduino IDE I get an error. once programmer not respondig, one port can not be openend, if I select an other port I always get port can not be opend what is ok.
Can anyone give me the correct setting for plaltformio.ini

Try plugging the Nano in and open the Arduino IDE.

Click Tools->Port and it should show you the port used by the IDE. Assuming an upload works fine there, yo know the port and that it works.

Close the IDE and try an upload with PlatformIO. You should be able to specify/choose the correct port. Alternatuvely, in the platformio.ini file, add this line:

upload_port = ????

Where ‘???’ is the port you saw working in the Arduino IDE.



Exactly thats what I do. I tried this first. Then I realized the portnane is slight different from the Arduino IDE to the device list in PlatformIO, so I tried that name, no chance. If I omiit port etc. I get all ports listet and should enter the right number, Does not work too.
I asume it has to do something with the protokoll, what ist the right one für the new Arduino bootloader. stk500, stk500v1, stk500v2, avr910, avr911?
As the board etc, is written in paltformio.ini it should works without other setting except the port selection.
Here are my settings.
platform = atmelavr
board = nanoatmega328new
framework = arduino.

By the way I’m in the IT industry since about 50 years, startet as programmer, worked later as system administrator and as network specialist and now in my older day I’m programming AVR etc. as a hobby.

thanks füor help

Now it works, d’nt ask me why

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I’m similar. Oracle DBA by day, insomniac by night. Got into IT when I bought a Sinclair ZX-81 back in 1981. College then I’ve been in development and support on everything from PCs to mainframes.

AVRs are a hobby for me too. I love PlatformIO.