Unable to load to MkrZero

Unable to load to Arduino MKRZero.

Trying to load the usual basic Blink program to an Arduino MkrZero, with no luck.
The program compiles OK, then at upload time I get the following messages :

Looking for upload port…
Auto-detected: COM6
Forcing reset using 1200bps open/close on port COM6
Uploading .pioenvs\mkrzero\firmware.bin
Atmel SMART device 0x100110005 found
SAM-BA operation failed
*** [upload] error 1
[ERROR] took 46.3 seconds

The program is not loaded.
I have tried pressing once on the MkrZero reset button, or twice in a row (this will work with the Arduino IDE), but to no avail.

Help would be appreciated.

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