Unable to find destination disk error

I was able to compile several firmware updates using vscode/platformio . The uploads even worked when the sd card was removed from the skr1.3 board and installed into the sd card slot on the host computer. Then on one update I got the “Unable to find destination disk error”. I have changed the upload port to com 5 which is the port the skr1.3 is using, also to local disk D/, neither worked . I’ve tried different sd cards with no success. I’ve tried using Atom and got the same error, also tried on a laptop with the same error. I’ve done a cmd search for the bin file but found nothing. I’ve come to the end of what I know to do, Help please.

Problem solved, I’ll just drag and drop from the .pio/build/LPC1768 folder. My error was that I only searched the C drive, should have searched the D drive.