Unable to find avr-libc (IE stdio.h) with platform=atmelavr & board=micro

I’m trying to migrate bot-rover/avr at master · negentropicdev/bot-rover · GitHub into PlatformIO so that I have a nice Windows environment that 95% of peers would be more comfortable with over my custom linux make environment seen in the github that I’ve been using for nearly a decade now. Eventually I’d love to setup a custom framework for integrating functionality with the LabVIEW linx toolkit. However I’m quite a ways off from that and for now am struggling just getting all-in-src projects to work.

If I use the arduino blink example, remove the framework config, and change from the arduino functions to avr / direct port writes everything works and it can find files like stdio.h but if I make a new project, remove the framework config, and copy in the source files from my repo then none of the avr-gcc provided libs can be found.

Where am I running aground here?

Can you upload the current state of your PlatformIO modified project, even if it doesn’t compile, so that we see the exact error messages for reproduction?

Hmm. I made a new project out of the existing source so I could muck with it a bit more and zip it to upload and now it can find avr-libc stuff just fine.

Looking at the past build output I think the compiler wasn’t having an issue it was just the VS Code tooling?

Forum is only allowing 1 image per post for new users so here’s an imgur album of what I’m seeing:

Pictures have labels describing each one.

VSCode IntelliSense is done with the Microsoft C/C++ extension and is separate from the PlatformIO extension – optimally, they both agree on finding the same header files because they’re presented the same information. Though what really matters is that PlatformIO can build the firmware at the end, even though IntelliSense might disagree.

As a first line of defense, always use the project task “Rebuild IntelliSense” to refresh the IntelliSense.

Do I understand you correctly that the include files are now properly found in your to-be-ported project?

Yes the build is working.

Rebuilding the IS index didn’t change anything for the source direct from the repo but the new project is working fine so I’ll just move that over once I finish the cleanup, was the long term plan anyways. I was “practicing” on an old project that I’m using most of the source code to start a new project. I’m assuming at this point when I start the new project everything should be fine.