Unable To Change Framework Package Version

I have been trying to start a project using Simba on an Arduino Uno board. I have the initial install working, but the version of Simba that is used by default when it is specified as the framework is extremely old. I have been trying to follow the advice in this post: How to specify desired version of an installed framework?

I also found found this in the docs: Redirecting...

However, once I try to specify a newer version of Simba, nothing happens. pio update does nothing to change the package, and pio run will recompile everything but no changes to the framework package occur. This version of simba doesn’t even have the ability to activate pull up/down resistors. This is my current platformio.ini entry:

platform = atmelavr
platform_packages =

board = uno
framework = simba

Any help on figuring out how to install the newer version of the framework would be appreciated for this platformio newbie.

Per https://api.registry.platformio.org/v3/packages/platformio/tool/framework-simba the latest available version is 15.0.3, updated 16th August 2020. What is the version info that you see in the “PACKAGES” section at the start of the compilation output?

If it is 15.0.3 but it is still outdated, open an issue at Issues · platformio/platform-atmelavr · GitHub for updating. If I read Commits · eerimoq/simba · GitHub correctly though, it hasn’t been updated since October 2020, with the last technical change being made 15th May 2020,so PIO’s version should be identical.

This appears to be my bad, sorry maxger. It is loading version 15 like I wanted. When I was looking at Simba’s documentation and source code on github on the master branch, wondering why the code downloaded by PIO was so different, I didn’t check the branch I was looking at. Turns out the last release (v15) is ancient compared to master. Maybe I should look into FreeRTOS instead lol.