UI clutter and Home 0.9.0

I love PlatformIO and I can’t remember the last time I used Atmel Studio, the Arduino IDE or ESP-IDF. In reality I haven’t been using PlatformIO for that long, but I now use it for absolutely everything I do involving Atmels or ESP8266s. One of the things I like about it is the sleek, no nonsense user interface. Two days ago I opened PlatformIO to find it had updated and the perfect home page has been replaced with version 0.9.0.

In version 0.9.0 there is a new section. Between the heading and quick access buttons, and the recent projects section, a new recent news section had appeared. I can understand the devs wanting to keep users updated on PlatformIO related news, but there is a perfectly good news link. This link takes you to exactly the same information and is in keeping with the sleek layout of PlatformIO. I use the Recent projects section to keep track of code currently in development and the introduction of the recent news section was actually quite a big deal because it takes up so much space. I’ve taken it off my PlatformIO so everything is back to (my version of) normal.

If anyone else wants PlatformIO home without the recent news section, here’s a link to my modified version of PlatformIO Home.

Just download the file 516b9b5e9c9bde65cead.min.js and copy it to <your_home_folder>/.platformio/packages/contrib-pihome

Sorry for the issues. We already added to our TODO to add an option which will allow hiding “Recent News”.
Nevertheless, you are only the one who does not like it. We received a lot of positive feedback about this block.
Not all people use Twitter, LinkedIn or other social accounts but would like to be up to date with all our updates.

As a workaround, we release 0.9.1 a few hours ago. You can block twitter.com domain for our pioplus application or add to hosts twitter.com while we didn’t implement this option.

A lot of new features and improvements are coming soon. You will be able to customize PIO Home, themes, workspaces, etc.

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