UBW32 No target found


I bought a UBW32MX795 board, which is supported by PlatformIO, but my problem is that I can’t uppload my project to the board. If I leave it simply connected to the USB I get the “No target found” error, but if I switch the board to bootloader mode the platform is not recognizing it
( Error: Please specify upload_port for environment or use global --upload-port option.
For some development platforms it can be a USB flash drive (i.e. /media//)

Does this board has mbed bootloader? (media disk)

Yes. If it’s not in bootloader mode it clearly shows up between the devices(on a specific port), but at the end of the uploading process I get the No target found error. The other way is switching to bootloader mode, but when I’ve tried it like that it was not even on the device list.

I mean, do you have separate MBED disk in a system?