Ubuntu 20.04 PlatformIO Install USB serial port group issues

I just installed PlatformIO on a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04 and had issues with uploading. It turned out that I had to add the current user to the dialout group to access the serial ports. I would suggest adding a check to PlatformIO for the current user and the serial ports or add it to the Linux installation documentation.

PlatformIO gives you a warning if its specific udev rules weren’t installed on Linux. On the same page as the instructions for the UDev rules, the documentation says to add your user to these groups.


I don’t recall that warning. Coming from a working Windows 10 installation, I installed Ubuntu, then VS Code, then PlatformIO. Everything seemed ok till I tried to upload.

Everything is working including debugging. Thanks very much for a great IDE!

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That error never appeared.