Trying to debug on arduino uno

Hello everyone, I tried to start debugging on arduino uno, but when I try to start debugging, I get this error: Failed to launch GDB: .pioinit: 13: Error in sourced command file:
Bogus trace status reply from target: timeout (from interpreter-exec console “source .pioinit”) What does this mean?

Whats the platformio.ini and code? Do you want to use simavr simulation + debugging or avr-stub for debugging on real hardware via the Serial?

Hello, avr-stub

platform = atmelavr
board = uno
framework = arduino
debug_port = COM7
debug_tool = avr-stub
lib_deps =
    jdolinay/avr-debugger @ ~1.1

but how can you through the serial?

The avr-debugger library basically opens a GDB server that responds to serial commands and is thus usable by avr-gdb. As a drawback, you must not ever use Serial in your own program, because you would be conflicting with the GDB logic of course.

Can you reproduce the minimal debug-a-blinky-sketch example for the Uno at the bottom of How to debug on Arduino mega 2560 - #2 by maxgerhardt?

Yes, when i delete command Serial.begin(9600), evrythings work.
But it throws me to another file and does not show the variable that I created

Here is the file to which it throws me.

Yes, this is correct. This is part of the Arduino core. If you do a step-into, you will get into your loop() implementation.

Thank you very much, I’ll go think about how it works