Trouble working with an ESP32-C6-DevKitC1

I’m not sure if it’s because this is a newer board and support isn’t quite there yet but I’m having a hell of a time doing anything with this board. At first, I couldn’t get a successful build going due to an error saying I was over the program size limit of 1MB. I researched this issue, and everything stated I should go into the Makemenu and change the partition table. I changed it to Single Huge App, tried Build, tried Clean then Build, but nothing helped. I finally tried copying the Single Huge App csv into a custom partitions.csv and went back into the Makemenu and set it to custom. Finally it built.

Next I wanted to try a simple app to get the on-board LED flashing, I attempted to get Adafruit_NeoPixel via the PIO interface and added it to the project. I could not include the header file, Adafruit_NeoPixel.h, because it could not find it. I verified that the files were in the .pio/libdeps/ folder. I finally figured out, after scouring every site and post I could, that using a relative path would allow it to be found.

Unfortunately, NeoPixel wouldn’t compile and after more digging and searching it seemed that ESP32 was not being defined. This is supposed to be done by PIO from what I read but was not. Thankfully, I figured out that I could modify the .ini file with build_flags = -D ESP32. NeoPixel still would not compile for some other reason that I really didn’t want to spend even more hours trying to figure out, so I switched to a different library, FastLED.

FastLED also does not successfully compile because it can’t find esp32-hal.h. From what I’ve been able to search, it seems to be targeted toward Rust.

That’s where I’m at now and I’ve come here in hopes that someone has information to help me get over this next hurdle. I should also mention that this is the first time I’m trying to program on an ESP32 but I’m hoping I’m just unlucky and not everyone has to go through all this pain.

Adafruit_NeoPixel and FastLED are Arduino libraries and cannot be used in a pure ESP IDF project.

Ah well then that’s very confusing because PIO list the project as being a valid target to add to. It should really prevent that if it wouldn’t work. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll try to find another library that supports this framework.