Trouble with LORA and PingPong demo stm32

Hello, I am using the pingpong example available at
with my stm32l072RZ board and I keep getting this message using Keil uvision
“cannot access target shutting down debug session”
I have tried to :

  1. Download the updated CMSIS_AGDI.DLL file attached to this Knowledgebase Article.
  2. Close all instances of µVision.
  3. Install this file in the C:\Keil_V5\ARM\BIN\ folder. If you installed the MDK tools in a folder different from C:\Keil_V5 (the default), substitute that drive and folder name for C:\Keil_V5.

and i also tried checking the Verify Code Download checkbox in the debug menu but it didn’t work
I have read on the internet that it might be caused by a conflict of pins but I don’t know how to find this conflict or fix this problem