"Transfer" a Arduino IDE Project to VSCode / PlatformIO

Hi guys,
I try to “transfer” a Arduino Project to VSCode / PlatformIO but I get allways over 100 errors.
I think I have big problems with der Includefiles. I don’t know what I do wrong.

I use the big great work from this webpage: Esp8266 Nodemcu Webserver. (Thank you su much fipsok!)

In deail I would like to create a ESP8266 WebServer with the following sourcecodes:

The LittleFS-part I put it on a new file (.cpp) where is the mainfile (.cpp) too and include all neccessary libraries . Then I create a include file (*.h)

#ifndef LittleFStest_h
#define LittleFStest_h
#include <Arduino.h>
void setupFS();
bool handleList();
void deleteRecursive();
bool handleFile();
void handleUpload();
void formatFS();
void sendResponce();
const String formatBytes();
#endif //LittleFStest_h

A abstract from the LittleFStest.cpp file:

#include <LittleFStest.h> //
#include <littleFS.h>  
#include <ESP8266WebServer.h>

#include <list>
#include <tuple>

const char WARNING[] PROGMEM = R"(<h2>Der Sketch wurde mit "FS:none" kompilliert!)";
const char HELPER[] PROGMEM = R"(<form method="POST" action="/upload" enctype="multipart/form-data">
<input type="file" name="[]" multiple><button>Upload</button></form>Lade die fs.html hoch.)";

void setupFS() {                                                                       // Funktionsaufruf "setupFS();" muss im Setup eingebunden werden
  server.on("/format", formatFS);
  server.on("/upload", HTTP_POST, sendResponce, handleUpload);
  server.onNotFound([]() {
    if (!handleFile(server.urlDecode(server.uri())))
      server.send(404, "text/plain", "FileNotFound");

bool handleList() {                                                                    // Senden aller Daten an den Client
  FSInfo fs_info;  LittleFS.info(fs_info);

With the commands

lib_deps =
  # Using a library name

in the platfrom.ini file I download the libraries.

But I get over 100 errors… :cold_sweat:

I was able to unit the sourcecode from the webserver-part and the connectpart an it works fine.
The webserver-part I put it on the mainfile. The connect-part I put it on a new file (.cpp) where is the mainfile too and include all neccessary libraries . Then I create a include file (.h)

#ifndef Esp8266ConnectTab_h
#define Esp8266ConnectTab_h
void connectWifi();
#endif //Esp8266ConnectTab_h

The same project (webserver, connect, littleFS) with Arduino IDE works fine.

Hope someone can help me and explane where is my misconception…
Thank you for your help!


Has someone an idea for my problem and can help me?
Thank you for your help!


What, why? That’s built-in already.

Remove line + remove .pio folder + rebuild.

Hello maxgerhardt,
Great work. Thank you for your help.
As a layman, I was overwhelmed by the situation / many errors.
I wish you a nice weekend.