Trail camera network

I’m not a computer programmer but I would like to be able to make my own trail camera “network” for personal use.

I’m using an esp32 cam module so it should make my life easier.

What I’m wanting it to do is the following:
Create a folder on the sd card using the current date
Go to deep sleep
Use PIR to initiate wake up and take picture
Save picture as current time in the created folder
Go to deep sleep
Once per day it transmits yesterday’s folder to a server on wifi
Go to deep sleep

I’m sure this is not too hard to write it is just well beyond my ability.
I would also need the code for an ftp server, but I’m sure there is an example I can use around here somewhere.

Thank you in advance from a beginner to the masters

I don’t wish to be rude, or poo-poo your project, so if I am, do please tell me!

What you are asking here is for someone to write some bespoke software for you. That’s fine but remember, we are volunteering our time to support a product, and may not have time or resources to spend, writing your project’s code for you.

In addition, anyone taking on this project would need to know much more about the microcontroller board(s) etc that you plan/hope to use. They don’t all use the same code and/or libraries.

For the WiFi part of it, what range is required? How far is the trailcam from the WiFi receiver etc.

And so on and on etc.

I’m a Database Administrator and developer by trade these days, I even have qualifications to show for it. My hourly rate could make your eyes bleed!

Now, what’s to stop you from starting simple and attempting to write some of your project in a modular manner. Do one bit at a time, learning as you go. Put a couple of modules together and before you know it, your project will be done. Plus, you will be a programmer!

People here are willing to help, we don’t have time to write entire systems from the ground up. Sorry.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, that’s what we do.



Continuing the discussion from Trail camera network:

I’m sorry if I came across as of looking for someone to do all the work for me. That is not my intention. I have been working on this project for months and have been using some projects to try to hack together some code.

I have made this project and it works good, but lacks the wifi portion. I guess the help I’m looking for is to other projects that I haven’t been able to use towards my end goal. Any help is appreciated and I am trying to learn how to code these things myself, but as i said these things are out of my depth at the moment.

Thanks again.

I also apologise for getting the wrong end of the stick! Sorry.

Random Nerd tutorials appear quite good, I know of few that have been mentioned here by other community members. I noticed a download page, Download Our Free Electronics eBooks and Resources | Random Nerd Tutorials, with some free eBooks on web servers and wifi on the ESP32 – is there anything helpful there?

A quick internet search turned up quite a few tutorials too. Have a look at the results of this search, random nerdbesp32 wifi projects at DuckDuckGo , there might be something useful.