Tracing versions for rebuild

Related to this ticket. I have a problem which has been solved. The solution requires that I change sdkconfig values, but I am using framework = arduino setup in my project arduinoespressif framework.

To change the values used to build the ESP IDF libraries, I think I need to rebuild the Arduino-esp32 package with different sdkconfig.h values. Is this right? (And then probably I need to create my own espressif platform that depends on this fork of Arduino-esp32. These should be 1 line changes to the released versions.)

To minimize the blast radius, I’m trying to have only the config values change. I have hit a wall trying to map versions back to the code from the versions in the platformio registry. I can see that I depend on ~3.20005.0 and that I have installed framework-arduinoespressif32 @ 3.20005.220925. I’m not sure how to translate this to a git hash. On github I see branches like release/v2.x and tag 2.0.5. Does 3.20005.220925 point to a specific git branch and/or hash?

Advice on other approaches welcome.