Totally baffled by Platformio in VS Code

This is all new to me. I have a sample (is it a project?) that includes a platformio.ini file. VS Code opens it with no problem using “open Folder”.

But, I cannot find any menu or command to create a new project or to create a new ini file.

In my sample, where did the ini file come from? Is there a template or did someone just magically know what lines to enter into it?

I’m used to C#, for example, where the flow starts by creating a project. When you do that you get a folder skeleton and a couple of starter files. What is the equivalent of that in platformio? Or is it just that the learning curve is so steep and the “beginner tutorials” make so many assumptions, that there is no hope for newbies?

If it sounds like I’m frustrated, that’s because I am.
I would appreciate some help to get a grasp of the paradigm at work here since it’s clearly one that I don’t understand.

Thank you

Apologies if this is a silly question, but did you install the PlatformIO extension for VSCode? If not, the that’s your first step.

Next, on the left toolbar, look for an Alien Head toolbutton. If you click that, and find PlatformIO Home, click open. Now you can import Arduino sketches, create new projects – with their own platformio.ini files and so on.



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I also have a C# background. I found this video helpful.