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Tool-openocd binary for linux_armv6l not found


Hi there,

I’m trying to get things up and running for remote upload. I develop locally and want to get platformio remote upload to my raspberry pi zero w up and running. I have managed to set everything up and the local computer connects to remote agent. The RPI has openocd installed configured as a bitbanged swd dongle. A bluepill board is then connected over SWD-interface to the RPI. Openocd setup works separately.

Everything runs fine until it try to install the tool-openocd.
Error: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement ‘~1.1000.0’ for your system ‘linux_armv6l’

Since Openocd works separately I guess there might be a way to configure it?

Any suggestions?


What is your platformio.ini?


Had to use 4.5.0, to get the ADC library to work in my current project.

platform = ststm32@~4.5.0
framework = arduino
board = bluepill_f103c8


I see your issue. We actually have support for openOCD for ARM. You use very old dev/platform which depends on old-structure openOCD, see

It seems that you can use the latest version of dev/platform but switch to mapple core?


I have now made the following updates to

platform = ststm32
framework = arduino
board = bluepill_f103c8
board_build.core = maple

Now it compiles against the maple stm32 lib instead which is OK and the latest pio platform is used.

PackageManager: Installing tool-stm32duino @ ~1.0.1
PackageManager: Installing framework-arduinoststm32-maple @ ~1.10000.190516
PackageManager: Installing tool-openocd @ ~2.1000.0
Error: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement '~2.1000.0' for your system 'linux_armv6l'

I still get the very same error, are you sure that binary exist for openocd? I saw a list where only the ARM7’s where supported ( The device running the agent software is a Raspberry PI Zero W.

Any more suggestions?

I have managed to get it up and running by using the armv7l binary, removing the bin/openocd in tool-openocd replacing it with my custom built binary for arm6vl. But it doesnt work out of the box.


Does this version work for you? Is this binary valid?


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