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Tool-dfuutil for macOS M1 / ARM_64

When I run pio build with a target that has upload_command = dfu-util ... on a Mac system with an M1 / ARM64 architecture, the x86_64 version of dfu-prefix, dfu-suffix, and dfu-util are installed, so the final step of the build fails…

Tool Manager: Installing platformio/tool-dfuutil @ ~1.9.190708
. . .
> file ~/.platformio/packages/tool-dfuutil/bin/dfu-util
.../bin/dfu-util: Mach-O 64-bit executable x86_64

Is there some hint I can give to the Tool Manager to make it download the ARM64 version of these tools?

PlatformIO relies on the Rosetta x86/64 translation layer to execute these binaries. There are no native-compiled binaries for Mac in the PlatformIO registry, just x86 ones retagged as ARM.