Tips and links in paltformio do not work

Tell me, in the VSC + platformio, tips and the possibility of switching by mistake have disappeared. what is responsible for this, what can I check?
Screenshot by Lightshot (here it is)
And for the Serial there is no Screenshot by Lightshot
This is not a link and go to the error I can not Screenshot by Lightshot
Finding the right line is very tiring, especially when there are a lot of files in the project.
Which plugin or setting is responsible for these functions?
Could this be due to the ino file extension?

If there’s a compiler error you should fix that first, it seems there’s a missing semicolon before the line you highlighted.

Do you have access to the task explorer? Can you execute the Rebuild Intellisense tasks? That should generate a new .vscode/c_cpp_properties.json. Does this file contain the right path to the compiler?