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There is no Arduino framework option for esp32-s2

I have a card that I developed with esp32-s2, but I cannot use it with platformio.

You can use it with the ESP-IDF framework. But if you want to use it with the Arduino framework, you have to wait some longer until the Arduino core v2 has arrived in PlatformIO. Unfortunately, the PlatformIO team has not communicated anything regarding when to expect it.


OK, thank you.
I will wait Arduino core v2.

I too would appreciate this being added. I think S2 can become the dominant variant of ESP’s since the chip reduces the cost per board significantly. Is there anywhere one can vote for what gets added?

I’ve seen ppl hacking in support for the S2, but that approach doesn’t look entirely solid? Or is it?

The devs need to properly support this. is tracking this.

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