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The marlininfo Python module - saves settings to Marlin .h files of any version

The module, “marlininfo,” allows you to automate changes to h files that potentially can work on any version of Marlin! I usually compile the firmware for my R2X 14T mod using VSCode and PlatformIO. The deploy-marlin command gets an unmodified Marlin in the current directory, modifies it, and places the result in a cache so you can safely merge it (or copy it over your Marlin configuration files if you are sure).

There are currently 2 presets available if running deploy-marlin from a terminal:

  • R2X_14T: A mod for the MakerBot Replicator 2X using a BTT SKR V1.4 Turbo board, FlexionHT, and BLTouch. This part is in development right now, as I’m working on making the settings work together. Occasionally Marlin makes some settings conflict, apparently to avoid issues, so those are the only cases where the metadata (settings) provided to the marlininfo module would need to change.
  • My modded JGAURORA A3S is mostly the same as stock except for improved parts from the Unofficial JGMaker Forum. In the terminal you can choose a BTT TFT, disable the filament runout sensor, or use TMC2209 drivers. It is reliable at doing that so I can add other drivers in the list of allowed ones or add a --force option to let you set it to any driver constant that you expect Marlin to accept.

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