The disappearance of lib/ files

So I just installed the IDE and I noticed that my library folders appear to be empty.

When I first added my libraries to lib/, they were fully populated, but shortly thereafter their folder icons were replaced with a double folder icon, and were completely devoid of files.

I then re-added all the libraries, and the files stayed.

The issue is then that when pushing to GitHub the folders appear empty there as well.

So my question is, what’s going on here exactly? I can’t seem to find this behaviour mentioned in the documentation anywhere.

Is the IDE relocating my libraries somewhere else, or is it just flat out deleting them?

More importantly, if I now clone the project, will the libraries be available to me, or do I have to manually re-add them?

That is impossible, PlatformIO doesn’t touch source code. Do you place libraries in the lib folder in the root of project?

yes, I do.

and I did actually reference the libraries.

regardless, it shouldn’t just delete my libraries just because I don’t currently use them

Do you mean symlinks? Check this project for example: platform-atmelavr/examples/arduino-external-libs at develop · platformio/platform-atmelavr · GitHub

No, I copy the folders with all their contents into lib/, and the folders are then emptied.

Note my project on GitHub. The folders are unclickable.

You have the problem with VCS where folders are represented as GIT submodules.

  1. Check that you don’t use symlinks
  2. Try to create project in other location and copy folders but DON’T COPY .git folder from the root of project.