The ARM mbed 5.5 is now supported by PlatformIO


Recently ARM mbed team released a new version of the framework with a lot of fixes and enhancements. Using PlatformIO ecosystem you can easily develop firmware for more than 130 mbed enabled boards in various full-featured IDEs.

What’s more, PlatformIO provides an easy way to debug your application in Atom and VSCode editors by using PIO Unified Debugger and a convenient way to test your application by using PIO Unit Testing Engine.

Also, we added three new platforms with mbed support:

  • Nordic nRF 52 with BLE support
  • WIZNet 7500
  • Maxim 32

Now, your team has a cross-platform way to improve your everyday experience with mbed framework completely in an off-line mode.

Get started with pre-configured mbed projects starting from a simple “Blink” and finishing with full featured mbed RTOS.

PlatformIO Team


  • Using PlatformIO IDE for Atom: Please navigate to “PlatformIO Home > Platforms > Updates” and apply availalbe updates
  • Using PIO Core: Please open PlatformIO IDE Terminal and run “pio update” command.

Debugging mbed with PIO Unified Debugger