Text Scroll speed

I often find myself using copy and paste while writing my code. My problem is that if the chunk of code I’m selecting is beyond the editor’s view the mouse speed (the rate at which the text scrolls) becomes too fast. Is there a setting somewhere to adjust this? The over all mouse speed on all other applications is fine.

PlatformIO can integrate with different IDEs. Which one are you using? Visual Studio Code? CLion? Atom?

Most likley, PlatformIO has nothing to do with scroll speed. Instead, it’s an issue related to the IDE. I also find that it differs between IDE versions built for macOS, Windows and Linux.

Thanks for the reply. I’m using VS.

Does “VS” stand for Visual Studio or for Visual Studio Code?

I find that the scroll speed can be sufficiently controlled with the mouse. The further the mouse is outside the visible area, the faster it scrolls; and the closer it is too the edge of the visible area, the slower it scrolls. That’s on Visual Studio Code on Windows.

But the questions about the Visual Studio Code editor are probably better suited for StackOverflow.