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Tell user of a library that it should be installed only locally because some files are to be edited

Is there any way to change installation instruction that is located on every library page on PlatformIO Library Registry website to a special instruction?

I need this because I wrote a cross-platform library with *.conf.h and *.port.h header files. Editing these files can make library working on any platform. That’s why it should be installed in some local project folder and this folder should be indexed by VCS. Usually libraries are installed in .pio/libdeps/ENVNAME folder and .pio folder is mentioned in .gitignore.

So, if I want to install a library written in a such style, a need just run
pio lib -d ./lib install LIBNAME
and it will be placed in a local ./lib folder of my project where I can edit it.

For example, Arduino_FreeRTOS library also should be installed in a such way, because the default settings in FreeRTOSConfig.h usually are not suitable for the project.

But on the PlatformIO Library Registry website there is always
platformio lib install "LIBNAME"

P.S. Sorry for my non-perfect English:)