Teleplot flag clear

Hi every body.
I’m using teleplot extension with vscode, i want to clear the screen after send points.
Documentation says " Using clr flag when sending a telemetry will clear the previous values. This is useful when streaming cyclic data like lidar points."
Then i tried this in the loop :

  Serial.printf(">U:|clr\n"); //clear teleplot screen
  for (int i=0 ; i<nbvaleurs ; i++)
    Serial.printf(">U:%u:%u|xy\n",i,courant[i]); //plot new points

First line has no effect, what is the good syntaxe ?
Thank you for your help.

If the documentation says it should work, and it doesn’t, and I don’t see you using it wrong too, then it’s best to open an issue with the original authors:

It’s true, I will do it.