TeensyTimerTool update not available

Hi all,

v0.4.3 of TeensyTimerTool (GitHub - luni64/TeensyTimerTool: Generic Interface to Teensy Timers) is now available in the Arduino Library Manager, but PlatformIO only offers v0.4.0. Would it be possible to make v0.4.3 available?


CC @ivankravets, PlatformIO Registry does not update, manifest looks good to me.

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The issue was linked with a broken 0.4.1 release, see “version” field in the manifest. Every time the crawler checks for the updates, it analyzes errors. So, no need to revalidate the broken library each day. Crawler increments an internal counter and revalidates library with next day = error_nums + 1. The 0.4.3 tag is fixed but the next day when the crawler will revalidate the library is 2022/02/24. (cc @maxgerhardt thanks for your invaluable contribution to our community, hope this information will be useful for you as well).

I’ve reset counter for this library and it will be updated soon.

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Thanks for the info, and confirmed fixed.


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