Teensy USBHost_t36 Lib Problem with Teensy 4.0

I am using Teensy 4.0, and need to include USBHost_t36.h
There is a problem adding USBHost_t36 lib. Get all sorts of lib compile issues when adding
#include “USBHost_t36.h” to a blank sketch.

Yet works just fine when using Arduino 1.8.19.
I followed the installation information here.

Any ideas?

But the library in the registry says

Connect USB devices to the USB Host of Teensy 3.6.

So no compatiblility with 4.0 mentioned. That is however because the library was last updated in the registry 4 years ago and the library has recent improvements. So, you should try

lib_deps = https://github.com/PaulStoffregen/USBHost_t36/archive/refs/heads/master.zip


After my PR is merged, a new version is now available: PlatformIO Registry

Try using that directly.