Teensy getting online mqtt

Hi I’m looking to implement MQTT using a Teensy 3.6. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to which wifi interface to use to get the Teensy online and a suggested mutt library to use to get started with platform.io?


Try the PubSub client. It is fairly mature and has easy to understand examples. :slight_smile:

I think teensy is among the supported platforms for the library.

I use an ESP32 for MQTT when using Teensy. I use a Teensy 3.5 for data acquisition of sensors and other information. The ESP32 handles the TLS encryption of all data transfers and the connection to WiFi and the MQTT (Mosquitto) Broker. I use the TTL serial lines to push data from the Teensy 3.5 to the ESP32. Everything that comes in gets formatted and published. Works the other way as well. I can send commands over MQTT to the Teensy

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