Teensy 4.1 Native Ethernet - Updating latest


Just found that one of the issue I had seems to have been addressed in the github repo for Native Ethernet https://github.com/vjmuzik/NativeEthernet. It also appears the TLS has been added which would be good to have access to.

The version in PLatformIo is behind so its would be great to bring it up to date, is there procedure for this or do I go it alone till this makes into a release?

Until the library is registered with the PlatformIO Library Registry, and a release made that includes those changes, you can either use git style addressing (lib_deps = vjmuzik/NativeEthernet) or directly pull the zip file for the repo (lib_deps = https://github.com/vjmuzik/NativeEthernet.git) to pull it into your project.

Ok, thanks, turns out there is an issue with it ! :blush: but easily fixed and it fixes some other irritating things.

Hi, i need ethernet stepper motor controller with Teensy 4.11 board example.

The aforementioned library already has examples for ethernet, NativeEthernet/examples at master · vjmuzik/NativeEthernet · GitHub, you’ll have to use another library for the motor control stuff or write it yourself.